Police saw a UFO in North Carolina and a man in Kentucky took incredible photos of a UFO with an “automatic” deer camera. Local UFO stories like these never get picked up by the national media, unless the UFO is shown to be a known object, like a flare or satellite.

Eric Olson writes in the North Carolina Herald-Sun that Durham police Lt. Morris Taylor saw a UFO streaking across the sky like a shooting star, with a green tail trailing behind it. “It was pretty wild looking,” he says. “It looked comparable to the size of the moon in the sky.”

Durham police dispatchers began receiving calls about the UFO around 8:45 p.m. Monday, and one resident even flagged down a passing police car to report it.

Durham County Sheriff’s Deputy Brad O’Briant also saw the UFO. He says it was moving too fast to tell what color it was, but its tail had a greenish-white color. He says, “It just went across the sky and disappeared as it got toward the horizon area. It was a lot larger than a shooting star would be. It was almost like a firework going to the ground or something.” Air traffic controllers at Raleigh-Durham International Airport didn?t see the UFO, but several pilots reported seeing it.

Jynx Jenkins writes in The People’s Defender that Michael Franklin of Ellsberry, Kentucky bought a “deer camera” to capture images of deer on his farm, so he’d know where to go during hunting season. These cameras are set up in the woods and are programmed to react to heat and movement by snapping a flash photo.

He mounted the camera on a hilltop grazing area to photograph through the night on Tuesday, September 23. When he had the film developed, instead of deer, he saw pictures of a UFO. “We looked at the prints quickly on the way to a picnic,” says his wife, Marsha, “and at first were disappointed because there were no deer in sight. But then we realized that the shapes in the sky were not normal.”

Michael Franklin says, “We just decided that people needed to see these pictures.”

To see the photos, click here.

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