The government may deny the existence of UFOs, but there’s still room for them in the federal budget. In a passage titled “Where Are the Real Space Aliens?” President Bush’s budget document says, “Despite all the space aliens that appear in science fiction movies and books, we have yet to find conclusive evidence for life, even microbes, anywhere in the universe besides Earth?[But] Researchers have found life in very harsh environments on Earth, which expands the possible kinds of places where life might exist?Perhaps the notion that ‘there’s something out there’ is closer to reality than we have imagined.”

The budget calls for $279 million next year and $3 billion over five years for Project Prometheus, which includes building the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter. The report says, “This mission will conduct extensive, in-depth studies of the moons of Jupiter that may harbor subsurface oceans and thus have important implications in the search for life beyond Earth.”

Webster Hubbell, who was an aide to President Clinton, says the president asked him to investigate whether UFOs existed, as well as find out who was responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy. He doesn’t say whether or not he got any answers.

Maybe these bureaucrats need enlightenment, so they can acknowledge the existence of other realities.

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