Air traffic in Türkiye and Taiwan was disrupted by the presence of UFOs that appeared close to major airports in those countries on May 20 and 22, respectively; although the interruption was short in the case of the Taiwan incursion, operations took half a day to resume in Türkiye, while authorities worked to resolve the situation.

On May 20, operations were disrupted at Türkiye’s Gaziantep Airport after an unidentified object was spotted on an airliner’s radar at 9,000 feet over the city, with flights being suspended for 12 hours after the object’s presence was confirmed by air traffic control.

Overall, 26 flights were affected; with the presence of the object presenting a potential collision risk, air traffic controllers diverted flights to the nearby cities of Adana and Şanlıurfa.

The spotting of an unidentified object over Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport by an airliner pilot prompted a similar interruption in operations there on May 22, although flights were resumed at Taipei’s main airport 40 minutes later.

The object was spotted by a China Airlines pilot; although authorities couldn’t rule out the possibility that the object was an ordinary drone, they were unable to definitively identify the UFO.

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