In the U.S., UFOs usually hover silently, then dart awayquickly, but in India, they emit red and blue lights thatburn people while they’re sleeping outdoors at night. Atleast 7 people have died of unexplained injuries that havebeen attributed to UFOs in Utter Pradesh state. “Amysterious flying object attacked him in the night,” saysRaghuraj Pal about his neighbor, who died. “His stomach wasripped open. He died two days later.”

Others report receiving scratches and surface wounds.Fifty-three-year-old Kalawati has blisters on her blackenedforearms, and says, “It was like a big soccer ball withsparkling lights. It burned my skin. I can’t sleep becauseof pain.”

Doctors think it?s hysteria. “More often than not thevictims have unconsciously inflicted the symptomsthemselves,” says Narrotam Lal, of King George’s MedicalCollege in Lucknow. The police thinks it?s bugs. “It is a3-inch-long winged insect,” says Kavindra P. Singh, asuperintendent of police.

But villagers aren?t convinced by their explanations andhave stopped sleeping outdoors, despite the heat andfrequent power outages. They?ve formed local patrols thatare on the lookout for UFOs. Their mood is growing soviolent that one person died when police fired shots todisperse a 10,000-strong crowd demanding that the policecapture the mysterious attackers. “People just block theroads and attack the police for inaction each time there’s a death or injury,” says Amrit Abhijat,Mirzapur’s district magistrate. He believes the UFOs arereal because he?s captured one on film.

Government officials are attributing the burns and otherinjuries to a form of ball lightning. Hmmm, that soundsfamiliar.

What does our government know about UFOs? Find out the factsfrom ?UFOs and the National Security State? by RichardDolan, click here.

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