No, this doesn’t mean that people see green “flying saucers” (any more than they see “little green men.” Our readers know that what they see are little GRAY men.) It means that the cylindrical shape of UFOs makes them much more energy efficient than traditional planes.

In, Michael Schirber quotes engineer Etnel Straatsma as saying, “I want to get rid of the image of a cylindrical body with wings.” She is designing a saucer-shaped plane using lighter materials that releases 50% less carbon dioxide than conventional aircraft.

Engineer Andreas Hardeman says, “Ever since the Boeing 707 first flew in 1957, airliners…have changed very little in their basic appearance. However, because future improvements to the basic design are getting harder to make, economic and environmental pressures mean that the case for radical change is getting stronger.”

Someday WE ALL may be flying in saucers!

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