Three Oklahoma helicopter pilots took some intriguing photos of lenticular clouds, which are often mistaken for UFOs because of their circular shape. However, the third photo shows a small round object in the center of the cloud, so the question is: do the photos show clouds, a UFO?or both?

Pilot Luis Monroy says, “I’ve never seen anything like that cloud. That thing (is) putting off heat, maybe. Something is going on. It’s doing something to make those clouds open and swirl around. I’ve never seen this before.”

When he saw the photo of the tiny blue ball coming though the hole in the cloud cover, crew member Gene Roberts said, “What’s in that picture is no helicopter and it’s not an airplane or weather balloon?Whatever that is?it’s not something the general public knows about. I’ve seen some photos of military jets blowing small holes in clouds when they broke the sound barrier. But those photos don’t compare with (this). That hole is huge and that’s no jet!”

Monroy agrees. “That’s not any helicopter or airplane we know about. Whatever that is, it’s got tremendous power to do what it’s doing to those clouds. Maybe the military has something new they’re testing around here.”

Bruce Thoren of the National Weather Service says, “I really don’t think a weather balloon is what you’re dealing with. Our balloons only go straight up, explode and then come down.?

Look at the photos yourself and vote. And find out what secrets our government is keeping about UFOs.

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