In New Zealand, there’s a famous “bra fence,” which is festooned with intimate items. While looking at a photograph he’d taken of it, Tom Ueyama noticed it contains what looks like a UFO. “I don’t believe in aliens and extraterrestrial beings, but there’s something in that photo that’s not right,” he says. He didn?t see the object when he took the picture. Inspection of the photograph and negatives show no signs of tampering.

Robin Gledhill says, “As an astronomer I don’t believe in UFOs, but I can’t honestly say what it is. It doesn’t appear to be moving, whatever it is and it’s definitely not a cloud.”

Look at the 2106,2189040a10,00.html,UFO photo and decide for yourself. There are many legitimate UFO reports and photos that have been classified by the government.

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