The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) reports over 700 UFO sightings in their country last year. This is a lot for a country like Canada, with a relatively small populationand a huge land area, but it’s actually down from a record 882 sightings three years ago. The CBC quotes a Canadian UFO investigator who thinks this shows that an “underlying, real phenomenon” may be occurring.

James Stevenson quotes UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski as saying, “?We don’t have as many aliens on TV as we used to?they used to be on commercials selling us everything from Pepsi to decongestants?and yet the phenomenon persists, which to me says there is a basic underlying, real phenomenon that extends beyond media and pop culture.”

He quotes Canadian resident Barb Campbell, who describes her sighting of a triangle-shaped craft this way: “It was just above the glare of the street light, so you couldn’t quite make out the whole thing, but it had a very unusual, strobing, eerie kind of light in the middle. It made absolutely no sound whatsoever…”

In fact, UFO sightings are at a record high in many different countries all over the world right now.

Art credit: Dana Augustine

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