After a lull in December and January, UFO reports have been increasing dramatically, according to George Filer’s UFO report, Filer’s Files.

But are UFOs real? The US Air Force says they can all be explained away. The media generally ignores them or publishes silly season stories about them. The skeptical community claims that no professional observer has ever had an unambiguous UFO sighting.

However, astronauts like Gordon Cooper, NASA engineers of the stature of the late Paul Hill and many other skilled professionals have seen UFOs and believe that they are a genuine unknown. In fact, the government’s refusal to acknowledge them is a coverup, and the media’s excessive skepticism represents a major failure of the press as an institution.

A U.S. Air Force Crew Chief reports that he and his family of 4 saw a disc-shaped UFO outside their house at 8:30 p.m. on both February 21st and 22nd. As an Air Force officer, this man is a trained observer, so when he first saw a bright light at the top of a mountain near his home, he assumed it was a plane heading for the airport, which is 35 miles away. But when the lights were still in the same position twenty minutes later, he knew something unusual was out there, so he looked through his binoculars at the craft, which was now flying towards his home.

Close up, the object appeared to be a disc with 4 triangular-shaped panels or windows, arranged in an X-pattern. The 2 lower panels emitted light and the craft seemed to be made of a grayish metal. The officer reported he had never seen a craft like it. It was sweeping its bright lights along the side of the mountain, as if searching for something, and the glowing red lights appeared to emit flares at times. Like most UFOs, it had no sound.

In Chile, a UFO was also seen by trained pilots. Pilots flying two jetliners spotted a giant silver UFO hovering at an altitude of 60,000 feet for half an hour around 11 a.m. on February 16. Air traffic controllers were able to follow the craft’s movements from accounts given by the pilots of the two jets.

According to the newspaper La Estrella del Loa, the craft was “flattened and elongated, like two plates facing each other”-a classic UFO description. Nelson Lope, manager of the Cerro Moreno airport said it was not a weather balloon and confirmed that the UFO was tracked by radar operators.

George Filer notes “It is refreshing to see that UFOs are freely reported by the news media, airline crews and radar in Chile. Despite frequent sightings in the U.S., everyone involved seems afraid to report these incidents.” We couldn’t agree more!

There have been multiple sightings in the U.K. recently. In Leicester on January 24, a witness and his wife saw what at first appeared to be some sort of sparkling object, which moved in a jerky path, unlike an airplane. They soon realized it was a UFO.

In Derbyshire, the Matlock Mercury Newspaper reported on February 15 that close encounters continued in that area. One man and his wife saw a dome-shaped craft on February 3rd. There have been many sightings in Tansley, where a couple saw a large blue light with an orange tail shoot across the night sky. At first they thought it was a plane crashing.

Sweden has been the sight of UFO activity as well. A 12-year-old, along with his parents and other adults, saw a cigar-shaped UFO move slowly and silently across the sky. About every 10 seconds it lit up like a light bulb, and at other times, it was silver-colored.

Contrary to the way the situation appears in the US media, UFO reports from credible witnesses are a commonplace occurrence in this country and around the world. What is uncommon–indeed, extraordinary–is that this most important of all observable phenomena is completely and totally ignored by government, science and the media.

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