This has been a major period for UFO sightings, which have taken place in the US in California and Wyoming, and as far away as the UK and Poland.

In UFO Digest, Piotr Cielebia? quotes Ryszard Grabczynski, who photographed a UFO in Poland, as saying, “These photos were taken accidentally?I was photographing the Moon and then I cast a glance in the West. At first moment I thought that it was a planet but the color [dark orange] seemed unnatural. After a while I noticed that it’s moving slowly and?what?s interesting?began to change intensity and color of light.”

In the Swindon (UK) Advertiser, Anthony Osborne quotes college student Chris Moran as saying, “We were walking out the back of Cricklade Road near some open ground and out of the corner of my eye I saw it for just a few seconds. There was this oval-shaped object, quite bright, hanging in the sky. It was really odd. As I turned my head to look at it, it reacted like it had been seen, and it zoomed off.”

A lot of the people who recognized the face on the cover of Communion, when it was published almost 20 years ago, feel that their experiences have been ignored?by scientists and even by SOME people in the UFO community (although there are others who take the subject seriously). One place we don’t laugh at you is here, at, where WE take the subject seriously too?although we ARE interested in fiction! Whitley was one of the first people to bring global warming to human consciousness and we will persevere in this endeavor as well?but we can only do it with YOUR help. You need us, but we need you too, so support us: subscribe today.

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