One of the most extensive and best documented recent UFO events in the US took place on January 8, 2008 in the little town of Stephensville, Texas. The UFO group MUFON has just released an analysis of radar records from the FAA and the National Weather Service, comparing them to eyewitness accounts, and has found that the radar returns correlate with the sightings, confirming that a mysterious object was in the sky that night that was traveling at up to 2,000 mph. The report was prepared by MUFON investigators Glen Schulze and Robert Powell. The radar returns they examined were obtained under Freedom of Information Act rules from the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Weather Service. They confirmed that the Air Force had ten planes in the area, but also that other objects were present, including one that moved directly toward then-president George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. It emitted no transponder signal. The report states that there was no indication that the military planes manuevered in relation to the unknown objects, which is unusual given that airspace near the presidential compound was being violated by an aircraft operating in violation of FAA rules.

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