Amazing light formations have been seen above Suffolk in the U.K. The spectacle remained in the sky for almost three hours before vanishing without a trace.

Helen and Tim Peet were among the people who saw them, and they have been left wondering if they witnessed an extraterrestrial or natural phenomenon.

Helen, age 38, had just checked on their nine-year-old and four-year-old sons before midnight on December 27, before going to bed herself. When she looked out the window she saw something that would eventually keep her and her husband awake until the early hours of the morning.

?Directly over our garden I thought I could see the beginnings of a hurricane,? she says. ??There was a very big central core of light and another circle beyond. The windier it got the more we could see the lights. It was huge over our garden, and it would be there for three minutes then disappear and then come back. It was quite cloudy and windy and we were waiting for the clouds to clear to see what was behind them. But when the clouds cleared there was nothing there.?

The Peets have been thinking about what could have caused the light show that kept them watching until about 3 am but have been unable to find any convincing explanation. ?When there are shows going on you often see lasers going into the sky?,? Helen says. ?It was similar but it wasn?t that. At 2.30 am on a mid-week morning there?s not going to be anything like that.

?I didn’t feel that it was a natural phenomenon. With nature you expect things to jump about like the Northern Lights, which wobble and bend. This had a definite shape to it. There were about 16 small circles forming a big circle and round the outside was a bigger circle. It was really strange. We?ve been going through encyclopedias looking up information about magnetic storms but it?s given us no explanation,? she says.

They believe the sighting could be related to an incident that occurred about three months ago when a plane flew very low over their garden, prompting Mrs. Peet to complain to the police. She received an official letter telling her that the aircraft was from Scotland and had been carrying out magnetic reconnaissance. ?It makes you think, why were they looking for that in this area and is it linked to what we saw?? she says.

Helen is aware that some people may believe she and her husband are exaggerating or making the whole thing up, but they are convinced that what they saw was not normal.

She says, ?We are straightforward, practical thinking people. My husband is so practical and down-to-earth so I asked him what he would say it was. He said it was very, very strange ? either an extra terrestrial or paranormal happening. I thought for him to say that was a sign that I wasn?t getting excited about nothing.?

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