In an incredible combination of strange phenomena, a UFO has been seen over Loch Ness, home of the Loch Ness monster. The mysterious light has been seen above nearby Drumnadrochit in Scotland. “It’s the buzz of the village,” says Liz Gresham, whose husband Ian first spotted it. “It looks as though there are two black things, one at the top and one at the bottom and colors in the middle. For the colors to blend like that it must be spinning round.” The UFO was also seen in England around the same time.

Ian Gresham noticed the UFO when he looked out of his window at around 1.30 am and has been taping it with his camcorder. He says, ?It?s amazing, whatever it is, because it spins and rotates into shapes. It looks green when you look at it on the video, but it?s actually bright blue. We sat and pondered about it. It can?t be a shooting star, otherwise, it would shoot off, and its not an aircraft. It?s amazing how it just hovers about and then heads off in different directions. When it slows down, you can see it?s not round, it?s oblong.?

He contacted the nearby Royal Airforce unit to see if they picked up anything on radar, but was told there is no record of it. However, the radar isn?t manned after 11 pm. He says, ?With the camera, I?ve been trying to get as close in as possible. Whether you expect to see some little aliens waving back at you, I don?t know.?

?The whole village, to be honest, thinks it?s a UFO. That?s what?s putting worries in their minds,? Liz says. ?I have been on astronomy websites and there?s not a star that does anything like that. We?re now just waiting for the kidnappings to start!?

Astronomer Maarten de Vries studied the video and thinks it?s man-made, since it?s too low to be a celestial body. He says, ?It?s very unlikely it is extraterrestrial or anything extraterrestrial visiting, because there is no evidence of anything like that anywhere in the world. There are plenty of stories, but no concrete evidence.?

What seems to be the same bright light was also seen by people living in the Forest of Dean in the U.K. Steven Taylor, who saw it at 12:30 am, says, “It was like a bright search light, but it wasn’t a helicopter as there was no sound whatsoever. What it was I don’t know but I didn’t wait around to find out. It was weird!”

The light woke up his neighbor Elizabeth Fletcher, who says, “It was a flashing light and was quite strong but I couldn’t hear anything. I thought it was someone trying to get in or it might have been the police helicopter.”

Police spokeswoman Kate Nelmes says their helicopter wasn?t in use in the area at the time. A spokeswoman for Gloucestershire Airport says, “We had no late movements on Sunday night and closed at 7:30 pm.” The local air force station says they had no planes in the air at that time either.

Why isn?t this information on our nightly news? Richard Dolan explains why. Don?t miss his book UFOs & the National Security State.

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