A UFO may have been seen over Baghdad and one researcher managed to tape a UFO in England. The Baghdad UFO could be seen for 3 hours in the sky before it disappeared, while the U.K. one wasn’t seen at all until the video was watched.

Eric Morris was researching the report of a hovering black, cigar-shaped UFO in the U.K. He went to the place where the UFO was seen and took some video of the area. When he got home and studied the tape, he saw an odd shape in the sky.

He says, “There were two discs, which appear to be touching each other, hovering over Dutton. I’m not saying it’s definitely a UFO, but I’d say the chances of a cloud formation making that shape would be a million to one.” The tape is now being analyzed by the BBC.

How many UFO sightings happen, all over the world, that aren’t reported in the news?

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