Peter Levenda, author of the popular book “Unholy Alliance,” reports from the far east: “In a strange broadcast this evening (Tuesday-Wednesday) on ‘Nightline’ on Malaysian television station TV3, there were confirmed reports of a UFO?actually one in a series of UFOs?sighted over Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Malaysia?s Borneo province of Sabah.

“This UFO was captured on film. It was cigar-shaped, traveling at tremendous speeds according to Malaysian air traffic control, and larger than any airliner. They repeatedly showed the object traveling in an arc from left to right on a closed circuit television screen, and interviewed several officials concerning the large number of UFOs that have been sighted over KK (as Kinabalu is known) in recent months. October was a particularly heavy month for sightings, it seems, and many of these UFOs have been seen by the naked eye by local people.

“The object looked strangely like an oil tanker truck, minus the cab. An elongated cylinder?silver in color on the CCTV screen?with a flat, orange-colored object underneath it like the bed of a truck, but how or whether the ‘bed’ was connected or not to the cylinder was difficult to see in the CCTV image.

“The important thing is that?knowing that the press is controlled in Malaysia and especially the television news?this is tantamount to an admission by officials that something very strange is flying in the skies over the country. These objects were spotted in broad daylight, and there is another piece of footage taken by a news cameraman of a UFO flying in the KK skies as an airliner takes off from the airport there.”

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