update – The sensational story that a meeting had taken place at the United Nations among the G8 countries concerning a possible change to a policy of disclosure in 2009 now may have been, according to the president of the French national UFO research organization, “a fiction.”

The only identified source of this story, Gilles Lorant,presented himself as an official of the French Institute of NationalHigher Defense Studies. He has now admitted that he was not, in fact, associated with this organization. In addition, the French UFO research organization, the FEA, has been unable to confirm that he attended any meeting at the UN concerning UFOs. Therefore, Mr. Lorant has left the FEA, and the president of that organization, Michel Ribardiere, has issued a statement to the effect that the visit was probably “fiction.” Michael Salla’s report of the event also came from Gilles Lorant, and has no independent source. In France, such misrepresentations are illegal, and Michel Ribardiere has issued the following additional statement, “Considering the infiltration of many foreign UFO organizations by unscrupulous individuals, who have sometimes attempted to sabotage their operations, the F.E.A reserves the right to bring this whole affair before the courts.”

Unknowncountry.com’s position is this: until there is concrete evidence of the meeting provided by one of the alleged official participants, the assumption must be that it may never have happened. Certainly, we hope that it didhappen, and it will lead in a good direction.

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