Crop circles have appeared in a wheat field in Ontario, Canada shortly after a UFO was spotted in the sky nearby. Farmer Erv Willert found the circles this week while combining his wheat. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” he says. “One circle is laying one way and the other goes the other way. I don’t think anyone would do this, no one would have the energy.”

In the Clinton News-Record, Hilary Long quotes Paul Anderson, of the Canadian Crop Circles Research Network (CCCRN), as saying that “It could have been there for weeks.” Circles are often discovered at this time of year, when farmers return to their fields to combine their wheat. A Michigan farmer discovered three circles while running his combine in a wheat field.

Before the circles were discovered on August 6th, a reporter for the Exeter Times-Advocate wrote that on the evening of July 21, one of Willert’s neighbors saw a strange light in the sky that made a humming noise. The July 16 edition of Clinton News-Record says, “Bayfield summer residents report flying saucers?Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cuninghame, Clinton, were enjoying a quiet picnic lunch on Heard’s side road, south of the village on July 3, when Mrs. Cuninghame saw a very bright light in the sky which she at first took to be the sun’s rays reflected form the tip of wing of an airplane. But then she noticed that it was disk-like in shape and she could neither see nor hear an airplane, although its altitude did not seem high.

“She drew her husband’s attention to it but it vanished quickly and he rather ridiculed the idea that she had seen a flying saucer. But in ten minutes he pointed one out to her. It seemed to be about 600 feet to the south of the one Mrs. Cuninghame had spotted. They both watched it for a minute before it, too, vanished into thin air. Mrs. Cuninghame described the mysterious object as being about the size of a tea plate, ball-like, with, perhaps, a flat top, and exceedingly bright silver in color.”

CCRN researcher Joanna Emery says, “I wish I knew what did this. I wouldn’t say it is extraterrestrial, it could be something terrestrial that we haven’t discovered yet.”

Willert says, “Whatever it was, I would have loved to have been standing here when it was made.”

In new developments, a local radio station claimed they made the crop circles found by farmer Michael Esper in his wheat field in Michigan, despite the fact that researcher Jeffrey Wilson says they were made with by an unknown source of high heat. He found dozens of wheat stems with holes in the middle, caused by steam, which expands and blows out the holes. But when the farmer threatened to sue the radio station for crop damage, they admitted they didn’t do it.

Are crop circles a manifestation of alien energy?

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