In 1978, there were reports of a UFO sighting in St. Helen’s in the U.K., when a UFO hovered over the power station before shooting away at speed. One of the witnesses, Robert Bennett, has revealed that as he sat in his living room with three policemen, listening to sighting reports over the police radio, he overheard a conversation saying that the UFO had landed in a nearby field.

The St. Helen’s Star says that Bennett came forward with his testimony after local journalist Ian Brandes wrote that he saw a report about the UFO in a police database, where it was classed as an incident of “Defense Significance.”

Bennett was on his ham radio when he picked up a message from a member of the Liverpool UFO society, who asked him to report the UFO to the police. He says, “With a bit of skepticism, I phoned the St. Helens police and told them I had just had a radio call about a UFO sighting. Everything went hush, hush on the phone and then they said they were sending someone up straight away. Three officers, one who I think was high-ranking, arrived at about 10:15 p.m. and stayed until about 3 a.m.” They asked him to contact other ham radio operators to get their reports about the UFO sightings.

During this time, he listened as the police talked over their radios with officers who were chasing the UFO. He says, “From what I heard there were officers in the car trying to follow it and I believe it did land in a field in Rainhill and two police officers, a PC and a WPC were 20 yards away from it when it started to take off.”

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