The Pentagon’s declassified report on UFOs may be due to be delivered to Congress later this month, but as to what this presentation might contain—and what it may ultimately affect—has been the subject of speculation: how far down the rabbit hole will the Defense Department’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force go while revealing what the various US military and intelligence agencies know about the subject? While no-one appears to be expecting any groundbreaking revelations to be included in the report, a number of experts on the matter were recently asked their thoughts on the upcoming document: what might it include, what it means, and what effect this disclosure might have on the world.

The responses to the New York Daily News’ query were as wide-ranging as the careers of the individuals asked: SETI Institute’s chief astronomer, Dan Wirthimer, thinks UFOs are just secret military test craft; retired Air Force colonel and former chief scientist for the U.S. Air Force Space Command, Dr. J. Douglas Beason, believes UFOs are just government-generated holograms; former director of NASA’s Ames Research Center and director of NASA’s Mars program, G. Scott Hubbard, says that the report is important in terms of legitimizing the subject of UFOs.

The Daily News also asked well-known veterans in the field of UFOs their thoughts on the Pentagon’s UFO report. Advanced Theoretical Physics Group founder and author of UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities, Dr. John Alexander, thinks that the reason the Pentagon has been legitimizing the subject of UFOs is to avoid having egg on their face as interest in the subject grows: “Mostly, they are avoiding embarrassment. Nobody likes to answer questions for which they do not have an adequate response. It is already clear they are downplaying any potential alien connection although allowing for the possibility.”
William J. Birnes, author of UFOs and The White House: What Did Our Presidents Know and When Did They Know It?, highlighted President Barack Obama’s take on the issue: “Look, that’s exactly what Obama did on TV,” Birnes said, referring to what Obama said during his recent appearance on The Late Show with James Corden. “He laid the groundwork for Biden [to spill the beans]. Say these are inter-dimensional. Admitting it right away after denying it for decades? Biden will likely reveal right before the [next] presidential election.”
Coast to Coast host George Noory isn’t confident that any solid conclusions regarding the nature of the UFO phenomenon will be drawn in the upcoming report—and that’s not a good thing: “They will basically say, ‘we don’t know what they are.’ But from a national defense standpoint it’s abominable to say they don’t know. There’s something extraterrestrial going on, and I think they’ve known for a long time.”

Referring to him as “the world’s most famous UFO abductee”, the Daily News also asked Whitley  his thoughts on the situation, who pointed out the one important aspect of the UFO phenomenon that is being ignored by the media—an aspect that reinforces the true depth of the UFO mystery.

“Much of the media and the government are acting as if the UFO phenomenon started when the first UAP videos were released in 2017. But it started long before that. In fact, what caused us to notice it in the 1940s was not that it was starting, but that it was increasing. As to what it is, that question has never been addressed properly by science and the academy. It’s time to get started. Hopefully this report will help.”

Strieber plumbs the depths of this issue even further in his latest Journal entry, “What’s the Big Deal? The Pentagon Admitted UFOs were ‘Not of This World’ 74 Years Ago”, discussing the state of how the government is presenting the issue—and what this might mean for the world.

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  1. I see this as “step 1”. In some way, it’s connected to the recent shareholder “coup” of the worlds 3 biggest oil companies who are demanding that they make a complete shift in business priorities. 45% Carbon emission reduction by 2030. Maybe the technology which facilitates this is getting prepped for world presentation ? I guess that’s a stretch.
    But I just can’t imagine that any type of official disclosure would not be about $$$$$.
    Who are those shareholders ?

  2. After all the official denial, misdirection, obfuscation, and outright lies the government and the media suddenly seem legitimately interested? I’ve heard presidents sidestep the issue for decades and suddenly Obama pops up with his response on national television? Secrecy is a two way street. I don’t believe for one moment that these new revelations are not being “allowed.” And it is a very calculated move on the part of the players to slowly desensitize the public to the reality that has been staring us in the face for all these years. I don’t expect the truth and I doubt that Congress will get the truth either. Because if the rest of the people outside our fringe understanding would be pissed off if they learn the true activities these “visitors” have been up to.

  3. I watch The Late Late Show sometimes and often enjoy their joking stoner format. Yet, I was disappointed in their total joking blow off of Obama. It might be informative anyway.

    People belittle and destroy things they can’t control but can still dominate. When people are not in control, we often cover fear with denial and laughing.

    Often Reggie asks questions of show guests that seem ridiculous, but which can expand thinking. Maybe visitors can expand our minds like Reggie tries to do with his questions. With Obama, he asked a question that can be interpreted as serious, but then laughed and joked through the whole response.

    Has Reggie been culturally conditioned to do nothing more than mock the subject of nonhuman intelligence appearing in our skies? Would he respond with similar mockery if we knew humans of unknown affiliations were abducting our fellow citizens and appearing in and above our territory with impunity?

    If we knew it was humans and had a handle on their technology, then many would be gearing up for war with invaders. Lacking any control over a situation, people respond with denial and mockery.

    There are other ways. We can admit not having control, deal with the current situation, learn from it, use humor not based in denial, and grow as a species and civilization.

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