The U.S. plans to move its troops from Saudi Arabia to Iraq, after the war there. The new U.S. national security policy will promote democracy in the Middle East and launch an offensive against terrorists, as well as their state sponsors. “The Sept. 11 events have changed the U.S. attitude not only towards Iraq but the entire region, with which the U.S. has maintained friendly relations for a long period of time,” says a study by the United Arab Emirates. “The U.S. troops are expected to transfer all their military bases from Saudi Arabia to Iraq and control all oil fields so that it no longer needs Saudi crude oil. It is evident that some of the U.S. conservatives see Saudi Arabia as a threat similar to Iraq which must be faced.”

The study was published in “Public Affairs,” issued by the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court, and written by Edward Ghareeb, of the International Peace Center in Washington, D.C. Ghareeb says, “Statements by the U.S. officials indicate clearly that Iraq will just be the beginning. This means the offensive against Iraq will be the start of a large-scale military and diplomatic operation with the aim of bringing about radical changes to the region, where Iraq will have the first constitutional government in the Arab world, to be the first democratic system in a series of democratic changes.

“The new U.S. conservatives believe the occupation of Iraq will prompt changes in Iran, Syria and even Egypt,” the study says. “The Egyptians will be required to demonstrate their commitment to human rights issues, change their attitudes and stop campaigns against the U.S. and Israel.”

Can this dream really come true?

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