A leaked Pentagon document reveals the U.S. may produce a new kind of smaller nuclear weapon, designed for use in conventional warfare. This would mean abandoning global arms treaties. These weapons have a destructive power of less than five kilotons, and could penetrate an underground bunker before detonating. The Hiroshima bomb dropped in 1945 had a yield of about 15 kilotons, and standard nuclear weapons now have yields of hundreds of kilotons.

Patrick Garrett, an analyst with the military think-tank GlobalSecurity.org, says, “The fact that they’re actually going to sit down and to talk about reliability issues and what would need to happen for production, testing and guidance, means these people are particularly serious about deploying these things sometime very soon. I don’t think these people understand that any use of a nuclear weapon is a bad use.”

U.S. government officials have confirmed the document’s authenticity, but say it covers “very long range planning” and “what-if scenarios.” U.S. Military strategists will get together this summer to discuss the mini nukes, as well as neutron weapons, which would produce a lot of radiation without a devastating blast. Neutron bombs can destroy weapons stockpiles and troops without destroying cities and buildings.

Greg Mello, of the Los Alamos Study Group (which leaked the document), says, “It is impossible to overstate the challenge these plans pose to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the existing nuclear test moratorium, and U.S. compliance with Article VI of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, which is binding law in the U.S.”

For details about the mini nukes,click here.

Could there be such a thing as a world without war? Human beings will have to change a lot before that happens.

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