The Observer (UK) is reporting that the U.S. has plans to punish Germany for leading the international fight against a war in Iraq. Under this plan we would withdraw all our troops and bases, which will cost the Germans billions of euros. Germany is hurting financially already, as a result of trying to unite the former East and Western parts of the country.

A military source says, “We are doing this for one reason only: to harm the German economy. Our troops contribute many millions of dollars. Why should we continue to support a country which has treated NATO and the protection we provided for decades with such incredible contempt?”

U.S. diplomats are concerned that this move will turn Europe even more against the U.S. One source says, “After this, Germany is finished as a serious power. This is simply not the way to conduct diplomacy at a moment of international crisis.”

Under the new plan, the U.S. will move its European troops to countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic states, all of which strongly support the war against Iraq.

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