The U.S. Army has signed a five-year contract with the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences to exploit exotic materials allegedly recovered from UFOs, in a bid to develop improved weapons systems. This “Cooperative Research and Development Agreement” signed between TTSA and the Army calls for the “leveraging advancements in metamaterials and quantum physics to push performance gains” to develop improved capabilities for Army vehicles.

According to the contract, the government is interested “in a variety of [TTSA’s] technologies, such as, but not limited to inertial mass reduction, mechanical/structural metamaterials, electromagnetic metamaterial wave guides, quantum physics, quantum communications, and beamed energy propulsion.”

The contract also specifies that the research into metamaterials seeks to develop “active camouflage and directed photo projection” technologies, essentially, to improve the stealth capability of their vehicles. An Army spokesperson told The Washington Examiner, the TTSA said that they have access to material that could potentially be used to develop “camouflage concealment deception and obscuration” capabilities.

A provision in the contract also allows the Secretary of Defense to “share historical reports of findings and origin of materiel solutions” from TTSA’s archives, suggesting that the contract allows the Defense Department to study any recovered UFO material that the TTSA might have in its possession

“Our partnership with TTSA serves as an exciting, non-traditional source for novel materials and transformational technologies to enhance our military ground system capabilities,” according to Dr. Joseph Cannon of U.S. Army Futures Command. “At the Army’s Ground Vehicle Systems Center, we look forward to this partnership and the potential technical innovations forthcoming.”

Up until a few years ago, pubic knowledge of such a contract would have been considered science fiction. But in our current environment, where military involvement with UFOs is becoming less and less clandestine, the U.S. Army now has greater latitude in stating its interest in the research of apparent alien technologies.

“If the government can verify materiel solutions claims by [To The Stars Academy],” according to the contract, “then significant advancements can be made in the capabilities of Army ground vehicle platforms in terms of security, force protection and weight reduction.”

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  1. It does make you wonder that since the US Navy’s patent of anti-gravitational and inertial reduction devices are now in the public domain why do we need another team to develop what has already been achieved? Ditto, Elon Musk…and golly a rocket that can land where it took off is still a chemical reaction device, that still costs loads of money….something smells in Denmark

  2. And the whole tic tac ufo Navy Nimitz thing seems kind of funny….because for beginners, as far as I know no ufos of this shape has ever been seen before….then the Navy must have given the nod to everyone on the carrier that it was ok to go public….and all the interviews seem just a little contrived….which leaves me with the suspicion that the so-called Tic Tac ufos are actually electromagnetically propelled drones operated covertly by the Navy, in order to evaluate it’s psychological impact on military personnel

    1. The “Tic-Tac”, shape-wise, falls under the cigar-shape UFO category, a commonly reported profile. In this case, it’s the pilots’ likening the craft to a Tic-Tac mint that is comparatively unique.

      As far as I’ve found, the Navy has not given anyone permission to talk about these incidents, including the release of the three videos by TTSA–everyone involved appears to be doing this of their own accord.

      The idea that the craft involved in the Nimitz/Roosevelt encounters are secret U.S. military craft is wishful thinking on the part of the witnesses; it makes no sense to intentionally expose technology with such a high level of classification to uncleared personnel for weeks at a time, especially for something as mundane as psychological testing (in which case the agency conducting the case would simply draw on the three-quarters of a century’s worth of military UFO reports for reactions).

      I’m also far from convinced that “we” have been able to successfully back-engineer these technologies, especially given Lazar’s testimony: between the gargantuan feat of being able to implement not only the concepts involved, but also producing the exotic materials needed to power such vehicles, these craft would be far too precious for their owner to allow them to be seen in public.

      1. Its funny because when i read the article and it mentioned electromagnetic metamaterial wave guides, i remembered Lazars sports model mentions a wave guide as well.

  3. What is really mind blowing is how the Pentagon brass somehow instantly appeared on the Nimitz to conduct an investigation…..while tic tac were still being sighted

    1. Fravor has questioned the stories of some of the other Nimitz personnel in his recent interview with Joe Rogan.

      Regardless, the Princeton’s radar contacts with the Tic-Tac had gone on for a full two weeks before Cmdr Fravor’s flight’s intercept, far more than enough time for someone with a higher clearance level to dispatch someone to the carrier group.

  4. To see this story at the top of Fox shows that Tom and co. have enough influence to get their story to the mainstream media.
    At least it is getting out into mainstream media. I think they are slowly gaining credibility and putting their name out there. Last week did anyone know who the TTSA was? Now a lot of people will know.
    We will have to see what they decide to announce next.

  5. When I do a search on TTSA I’m not impressed with their story. Sounds as though they are primarily an entertainment company with a science division and who has heard of them before now? According to VICE, I know, Tom DeLonge founder and former Blink182 guitarist, bought some stuff that is supposed to be, might be of alien origin. The army has agreed to use their labs for investigation and cooperation with TTSA’s “expertise” in materials science or so I gather??

    Sounds on the face of it that this is more distraction and disinformation from our controllers.

  6. And how sad that TTSA would sell such technology knowing it will be used to perpetuate war.
    We have the opportunity to rise above our history. Evolve. Awaken. Try a new way.

    1. Presumption the TTSA items are genuine is only way that justifies any concern.
      There is no available corroboration of them being genuine.
      This story reeks of unsubstantiated claims.
      I do no trust the items to be genuine.
      Therefore, concern is not needed.

  7. Quantum entanglement has enormous potential. The telling attribute of quantum entanglement involves continuing interconnection between subsequently separated objects. This is particularly evident in photons which have been halved that hail from a single original photon source. In the inception, they were fully connected on a physical level, hence the interconnecting aspect that remains. Interconnection is the opposite of entropy, which tends to separate and make objects discrete. When science begins to intentionally interconnect objects at the quantum level, many new applications will surface. Light is one instance where interconnection to the space time continuum is high, but there may be scenarios where even greater interconnection is feasible and timeless transmission of energy occurs. Dynamic complexity, synchronicity, and reversal of causality may ensue.

  8. The importance of interconnection, among humans, their environment, and the Universe at large is immense. I hope that humans can wean themselves off of war, which is an expression of violent entropy.

  9. To be fair, TTSA, from the outset, never gave the impression that they were going to operate as an NPO–indeed, the opening page on their website has an “Invest Now” button, with a minimum investment of $350.00. They have a good mission statement, but they never said they weren’t in it for the money.

    We also have to bear in mind that many of their company heads are former DIA, CIA, Lockheed, US Army, etc., and it would probably be a stretch to expect them all to simply make a clean break with their ties to The Man, so deals with the devil definitely had to be made at some point. Not to mention, part of their mission statement entails aerospace development, and that pretty much means defense contracts.

    In regards to the concerns many of you are voicing here, Whitley sent me a very insightful reply after I submitted this article, regarding the ongoing shooting war that the Military has been (unsuccessfully) waging against the Visitors, and how they’re going about it completely bass-ackward. He mentioned that he plans on expanding the thought into a Journal entry, especially as it relates to his upcoming book, “A New World”, so keep your eyes open for that entry over the next little while.

  10. I understand how naive I sound to be expressing a pie-in-the-sky wistful dream for peaceful applications of this technology. My entire life has been entangled with the military. I have utmost regard for the individuals serving, from the front lines, to the R&D facilities. It’s is the sociopaths at the top (non-military) who so easily devalue all life and charge into war for the sake of their own agendas, not the common good. So, in spite of what history says about humanity, I hold to a dream, a vision, a hope…. that we may try a new path. Use all this incredible brain power, creativity, and passion toward a better way of living…. That we may yet break free of anger & fear – to love and cherish this planet, (this universe) and all it’s beings.

    1. That’s not naive: remember, from the point of view of entities like the Visitors, the warmongers appear naive, and their assumption that the only approach to unfamiliar situations is to exploit or destroy…

  11. I think the “visitors” are post biological
    Paul Davies, a British-born theoretical physicist, cosmologist, astrobiologist and Director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science and Co-Director of the Cosmology Initiative at Arizona State University, says in his new book The Eerie Silence that any aliens exploring the universe will be AI-empowered machines. Not only are machines better able to endure extended exposure to the conditions of space, but they have the potential to develop intelligence far beyond the capacity of the human brain.
    “I think it very likely – in fact inevitable – that biological intelligence is only a transitory phenomenon, a fleeting phase in the evolution of the universe,” Davies writes. “If we ever encounter extraterrestrial intelligence, I believe it is overwhelmingly likely to be post-biological in nature.”

    1. His new book? That book is like over 20 years old, it came out in the early 90s.

      1. Sorry I was thinking of his other book. Its still not his new book, it came out several years ago. Its one of his older books.

  12. Really disappointing that ttsa is hooking up with the army to develop weapons. What a use for this supposed foreign tech!

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