More exciting discoveries from the Kepler telescope: A planetary system of the kind never seen before, with two planets in the same orbit around their star. They circle their sun every 9.8 days, one of them ahead of the other. In the night sky of one of the planets, the other planet must seem like a constant light, almost a second sun (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

Astronomers are especially interested in these planets because they confirm their theory of how the moon was formed: That the Earth once shared an orbit with another planet around the same size that eventually crashed into it, knocking off a piece of the Earth that was "captured" and became the moon. The fact that the moon is made up of material from both the Earth and another, unknown, body was revealed when Apollo astronauts brought back moon rocks to be analyzed.

And speaking of the moon, astronomers in India have discovered a "giant underground chamber" near the Moon’s equator that’s more than a mile long and almost 400 feet wide. Humans could use this as an underground base. It would protect them from radiation, meteor impacts and extreme temperature changes–all hazards of life on the moon. In New Scientist, Marcus Chown quotes astronomer Jack Lissauer as saying, "Systems like this are not common, as this is the only one we have seen." Maybe we’re living on the remnants of one?

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