Like the Dybbuk box, the supposed curse against anyone who disturbs the tomb of the boy-king Tut still seems to be powerful today, as a group of radiologists discovered.

Dr. Ashraf Selim and his team ran King Tut’s mummy through a CT scan in order to affirm that the cause of his death was a fatal injury that became infected, rather than a blow to the head, which would have suggested that Tut was murdered. While examining the mummy, the doctors did not escape Tut’s curse. Selim says, “While performing the CT scan of King Tut, we had several strange occurrences. The electricity suddenly went out, the CT scanner could not be started and a team member became ill. If we weren’t scientists, we might have become believers in the Curse of the Pharaohs.”

King Tutankhamun became a pharaoh when he was only 8 eight years old and died several years later. His intact tomb, which was discovered in 1922, had not been looted like so many others in the area, and was packed with valuable artifacts, any of them made of gold.

If you’re fascinated by hidden history, especially ancient Egypt, you should know that Dreamland co-host William Henry leads a tour there every year, and he plans a new one in 2007 with John Anthony West, who was recently interviewed by William on Dreamland. Subscribers can still listen to this fascinating interview, as well as to his special subscriber interview with Whitley, in which they both discuss their experiences in the Gurdjieff work.

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