We’ve put up a gigantic fence, so now criminals and immigrants are digging tunnels along the US border instead, and the pace is picking up: 60% of all the tunnels every found by border patrol agents have been discovered in the last three years. Agents spot a new one every month.

While most tunnels are used to move drugs or people, they could also be used to move in weapons and explosives for a terrorist attack. Tunnels are a serious challenge for border patrol agents because they can begin and end almost anywhere; their entrances and exits are often hidden inside old warehouses or under trees; if old ones are discovered, new ones are quickly begun.

Ed Turner, of Homeland Security, says, “All of them have been found by accident or human intelligence. None by technology.” Agents are now trying a new approach that uses sophisticated ground penetrating radar. If successful, the tunnel detection technology will help agents locate and plug tunnels almost as fast as the criminals can dig them.Maybe the solution is to give up this silly war (like a lot of the other silly wars we’ve gotten ourselves into!)

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