A tsunami unexpectedly swept into the Indonesian city of Palau on the island of Sulawesi at 5PM Indonesian time on Friday. The wave was over 6 meters high and flooded a significant part of the city. The death toll is not known at this time, nor is it clear how much damage has been done. As sea levels rise, they put pressure on continental shelves, which is why the Pacific Ring of Fire has been becoming steadily more active in recent years.

Waves up to 6.6 feet in height swept through Palau shortly after a tsunami warning had been lifted. The warning was the result of an earthquake that measured 7.5 on the Richter scale that occured offshore. However, the quake was determined to be a side by side sliding of tectonic plates rather than the sudden up and down movement that is what generates tsunamis. Apparently, there were underwater landslides that went undetected and these were responsible for the tsunami.

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