As the presidential race heats up, the climate is heating up too–perhaps irreversibly–but despite this, politicians are denying that climate change even EXISTS in order to garner votes from frightened constituents.

On CNN, researcher Michael Mann talks about how he has been threatened for writing about global warming. He writes: "What was my offense? I worked on climate change research that indicated the world is a lot warmer today than it was in the past. Because that research caught the public’s attention when it was released in 1998, I became one of dozens of climate researchers who have been systematically targeted by a well-funded anti-science campaign.

"The tobacco industry did it when scientists linked cigarettes to cancer. The lead industry tried to discredit a scientist who found that lead exposure hurt children’s cognitive abilities. Now, it’s climate scientists’ turn."

We know what it’s like to be attacked, but we’ll never stop briniging you the truth! We’ll bet you didn’t read about this in your local newspaper. Come learn the LATEST about UFOs, the climate, and everything else at our wonderful annual Dreamland Festival. Subscribers get 10% off ticket prices!

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