A UFO researcher says he’s receiving increasing sightingreports of triangle-shaped UFOs. Malcolm Robinson says, “Inthe U.K. we’re getting an increase in triangular-shapedobjects the size of football fields which float majesticallyacross the sky. I’ve seen one myself…”The National Institute of DiscoverySciences has found that most U.S. sightings of triangularcraft occur near military bases, so they assume these mustbe secret aircraft.

Robinson says, “We’re trying to find out whether we’redealing with new technology from the military or whetherthere’s something else going on.” It should be noted thattriangle-shaped UFOs have been seen regularly over the last60 years, so all of them can’t be secret military craft.

Steve Wrelton writes in “This is London” that Robinsonstarted out as a skeptic. But when he looked closer, “Ifound, much to my surprise, that there’s no smoke withoutfire. There was a lot of nonsense, but there was also enoughto suggest there were indeed recognizable phenomena thatcouldn’t be described properly.”

Meanwhile in Turkey, security cameras, on the alert forterrorists, recorded UFOs three times in a fifteen dayperiod. The videos have been sent to the country’sScientific and Technical Research Council for examination.

Ancient astronomy revealedincrediblesecrets as well.

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