Some unexplained images have been photographed on Mars. The latest is what appear to be “trees.” The images show what look like rows of dark trees sprouting from hills on the surface of the planet, but according to NASA, it’s an optical illusion: The sand dunes are coated with a thin layer of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide), and are caused by trails of debris left by landslides as the ice melts in Mars’s spring.

In the January 13th edition of the Telegraph, Ben Leach quotes NASA’s Candy Hansen as saying, “The streaks are sand, dislodged as ice evaporates, which slide down the dune. At this time of the Martian year the whole scene is covered by CO2 frost.”

Every time something strange is photographed on Mars (including the famous “face”), NASA debunks it. If we’re ever able to actually set foot on the red planet in the future, we’ll hopefully be able to find out for ourselves. But as long as we have to rely on images from NASA satellites or the statements of astronauts (although some of them have been more forthcoming than others), we’ll remain in the dark.

One of the things we try to do on this website is to shed light on mysteries and conspiracies. That’s why Whitley set aside the next 2 weeks for Dreamland interviews about child abuse, a topic that has long been of vital interest to him. This week he investigates a major government scandal. And last week, just for subscribers, he talked about his own hazy memories of being abused at the hands of the government, perhaps as part of the Nazi “paperclip” project.

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