For the last several years, the National Institute for Discovery Science(NIDS) in Las Vegas has been collecting historical and eyewitness accountsof sightings of triangular UFOs. “Calls regarding low-flying triangularobjects have been coming in pretty steady for the last 18 months,” says ColmKelleher, deputy administrator for NIDS. “People are describing essentiallysimilar objects in different areas of the country.”

Kelleher said that NIDS has compared its research with triangular UFOsightings recorded by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and those ofinvestigator Larry Hatch, who currently manages one of the largest UFOdatabases in the world. By putting these 3 sets of UFO data together, NIDSwas able to plot the locations of the sighting on a map of the U.S.

Sightings of triangular UFOs were compared to the locations of United StatesAir Force bases, since one assumption is that these could be secret militaryaircraft. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Dayton, Ohio seems to be atriangle UFO hot spot. Scott Air Force Base, near O’Fallon, Illinois is aclose second. Hundreds of these sightings have occurred near Air Forcebases, causing NIDS to speculate that many triangular UFOs are made righthere in the U.S.

For some reason, the vast majority of them are seen only after dark. “We areencouraging more people to call in their observations,” says Kelleher.”Right now, what we have is an apparent correlation. People living close tosome of these bases can help us close the loop, reporting objects eithertaking off or landing. That’s data we don’t have.

“These objects are being lumped in with the UFO category,” Kelleher says.”If we can definitely, to our satisfaction, show a lot of evidence thatthese are unacknowledged aircraft from the U.S. military and that they flybetween these bases, then we don’t have to spend a huge amount of time onthat.

“Then we can transfer 20 percent of our database from the UFO to the IFO[Identified Flying Object] category. That’s a fairly big jump. We’re not ahobby club looking into exotic aircraft. We’re investigating the UFOphenomenon.” In June, NIDS announced that the new Federal AviationAdministration manuals mention their group as the sole contact point in theUnited States to which the FAA reports UFO sightings.

If triangle-shaped UFOs are ours, then what are they? William Scott, areporter for the aerospace magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology haswritten about sightings of large triangular craft in the early 1990s aroundEdwards Air Force Base in California. Also, airline pilots saw a similarvehicle flying along at high altitude over the southwestern United States.

Scott thinks that people are seeing a large, hard-shell, near-neutralbuoyancy carrier aircraft. It is not a true blimp, but it is gas-filled.This lightweight and enormous craft has a large internal capacity that makesit ideal for hauling troops and equipment. The Pentagon will not confirm theexistence of such an aircraft.

Lockheed-Martin is probably the builder of the aircraft. Lockheed was partof the legendary Skunk Works team that invented the U-2, the Blackbird, andthe F-117A stealth fighter, and are rumored to have created the hypersonicspyplane Aurora.

Bill Sweetman, who writes about mysterious aircraft, believes that a lot ofmoney has been flowing into the black budget of military technology sincethe 1980s. “Everything takes some time to design and build, so it is someyears later, after 1985, that the Area 51 complex starts to expand as seenin all the satellite photos,” he says. One outcome from this research arelarge, slow-flying vehicles with the ability to haul a huge antenna, whichis an effective device for bugging or detecting targets. The antenna sizewould be far larger than anything that could be installed on a ship or bepulled by a heavier-than-air planes.

Sweetman reminds us to make a careful observation of any UFOs we see.”Inexperienced observers, if they do see something unusual, will generallyremember major features wrongly and utterly misjudge the object’s size. Thisis of great help if you are trying to conceal developments in technology anda huge hindrance if you are trying to ferret them out.”

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