The Canadian government will fund a search for the cause of the mysterious Windsor hum, a low, persistent noise that’s been bothering there residents for two years. It’s been described as described as sounding like an idling truck or train engine. Canada suspects that it may originate at car manufacturing plants across the river, in Detroit–hence the "international" aspect.

A study made last year by the government suggested that the hum may originate in the general area of Zug Island in River Rouge, Michigan, where there is a lot of steel production and manufacturing, however the mayor of River Rouge says his city doesn’t have the money to investigate.

This time they’re investing $60,000 in two research projects, in collaboration with scientists at the University of Windsor and Western University in Ontario.

CBC News quotes Colin Novak, one of the researchers working on the project, as saying they will be using technologically advanced equipment to try to pinpoint the source of the sound: "We’ve already found some preliminary areas where we want to set this equipment up. We’re going to get at it. We should have our data within the next three to four months."

CBC quotes Gary Grosse, who set up a Facebook page representing beleaguered residents, as saying, "Thirteen hundred people are going to be extremely happy. It’s been a very long two years and some people have lost hope."

Here’s something else that’s international: The way the world will end (and it will, someday). After Noah’s ark finally reached land, God promised Noah that he would not flood the earth again, that it would be "the fire next time," and despite the rising ocean levels due to glacier melt, Whitley Strieber thinks this may be true. Read all about it in his new e-book!

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