Soon we will have TVs that we can control with a wave of the hand, but the Japanese are going even further: They have developed 3D TV that allows viewers to touch, poke or pinch the images floating in front of them (this may be especially effective when it comes to shows about aliens, which will probably become more popular in the future, since sightings are increasing exponentially). quotes its inventor, Norio Nakamura, as saying, “It is the first time that you can feel images in the air. You can have the sense of touch like poking a rubber ball or stretching a sticky rice cake.”

This could be a wonderful antidote to all those “do not touch” signs in museums. PhysOrg quotes Nakamura as saying, “This technology could create a virtual museum where visitors, including vision-impaired people, can put their hands on valuable sculptures that are usually untouchable.”

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