Long Island, New York is being flooded by unprecedented rains. There are thousands of swamped vehicles throughout the island. So far one death has been reported., when an eighteen-wheeler skidded into an SUV on the Long Island Expressway at 4:40 in the morning. The storm dumped thirteen inches of rain in the region between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. The normal total for the entire summer is 12 inches. At one point in the town of Ronkonkoma, 5 inches fell in an hour.

Roads remained flooded through the morning, but floodwaters are now subsiding. The deluge was caused by a storm that was trapped over the area due to an unusual weather pattern, which drove cold air south of the warm front, causing it to stall.

It is likely that the eastern US and Europe will experience unusually violent autumn weather this year, as continuing high temperatures in the arctic drive cold air southward earlier than normal, and another intense winter could be in the offing as well.

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