Use an army of home computers! – Thousands of personal laptops have helped to listen for SETI signals and search for Dark Matter. No matter what is causing these quakes, seismologists want to use home computers to detect them early, so they can warn people about them.

Earth scientist Elizabeth Cochran wants Every personal computer to double as a seismic monitor, especially since she works in California, where the next Big One has long been predicted. What will happen if you sign up with “Quake Catchers?” You’ll install a sensor on your computer that costs less than $50 (some computers already have them), then you’ll be reading the great stories on and your computer will begin to tremble.

In the March 12 edition of the Los Angeles Times, Cara Mia DiMassa quotes Cochran as saying, “We would have seismometers in every building, or at least on every block. And in tall buildings, we’d have multiple sensors [on different floors]. That way, we would be able to actually get much higher detail, images of how the ground shakes during an earthquake.”

Quake Catchers George Rothfuss and his wife Manya Pierce, who live in Yorba Linda, California, were warned when their area was suddenly hit by a swarm of small quakes. Rothfuss says, “If every K-12 school in California had sensors running, it seems to me we could have some sort of early-warning system.”

Here at, we don’t know what will happen next, but we’re pretty good at predicting the future. What will that ominous date in 2012 bring? (Note: subscribers can still listen to this show). Whitley Strieber thinks he has FIGURED IT OUT, and he explains it all in our subscriber section. To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you can scroll or do a browser search for the programming you are looking for.

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