Trade it in on a red one WITHOUT buying a new car! – We may someday wear clothes that will make us invisible. Did you know that, in the future, you may ALSO be able to instantly change the color of your car?

Bored with your old car but can’t afford a new one? Want to show support for your favorite team during the season? In the future, you may be able to change the color of your car to black and gold (or red and white) in seconds.

Scientists have developed a paramagnetic paint that can change color. Here?s how the quick-change paint works: while you drive, pushing a button sends electric current through a special polymer paint containing paramagnetic nanoparticles. The current creates a magnetic field that affects the spacing of crystals within the particles, which changes their ability to reflect light. A white car becomes Steelers black?or Cardinals red.

Now if they could only invent a way to change that old beater most of us are still driving into a BMW or Mercedes?

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