Worldwide! – There’s a virtual tidal wave of UFO disclosure going on, now that countries like the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Russia, and New Zealand are releasing their classified UFO documents. In fact, News 3 in New Zealand reports that their version of the TV show “60 minutes” recently disclosed evidence that, in effect, proves UFOs are real (Now if we can only stop governments from shooting them down!)

It’s not only important for countries to reveal that Visitors are here, it’s equally important for them to reveal what they have been DISCLOSING to their contactees. On the Before It’s News website, Grant Lawrence reminds us that the late Harvard psychiatrist John Mack, who took experiencers seriously and said they were NOT mentally ill, noticed that many of them returned from their encounters with messages about environmental catastrophe. This is has long been assumed to be messages about climate change, but Lawrence thinks these messages might have been pointing to sudden environmental disasters like the BP oil spill.

Meanwhile, private companies are taking over the work that NASA used to do because they can do it more cheaply and efficiently. They are also more innovative. One of the companies planning to take people to space in the future is run by Robert Bigelow, who once ran NIDS, a place where all kinds of edge science inquiries were carried out (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

In the June 7th edition of the New York Times, Kenneth Chang quotes Bigelow as saying, “Every astronaut we have come in here just says, ‘Wow.’ They can’t believe the size of this thing.” He’s talking about his new, gigantic, INFLATABLE space ship. Each of these modules can be launched into space separately, then assembled into a space station (and presumably added onto when needed). There’s no word about whether they will also be launched in a deflated state, then “blown up” when in orbit.

The ultimate goal is, of course to make money. His rival company, Space X (started by one of the founders of Paypal) thinks that taking people into space will cost about $20 million per person. Bigelow agrees it will be expensive, but adds, “You have to trust a little bit that we’re making these investments because we think it’s going to make sense economically at the end of the day. We won’t execute our business plan if those numbers aren’t there.”

But he has a special reason to be interested in space. Chang quotes him as saying, “I’ve been a researcher and student of UFOs for many, many years. Anybody that does research, if people bother to do quality research, come away absolutely convinced. You don’t have to have personal encounters. People have been killed. People have been hurt. It’s more than observational kind of data.”

The UFO Blogger website reports that on June 14, Mario Borghezio, one of the heads of the European Union, presented a written statement in which he called on member states to disclosure their documents relating to UFOs. Now 17 countries in the EU parliament have signed a document calling for full UFO disclosure, stating that this is “essential to set up a scientific center for the analysis and dissemination of the scientific data gathered to date by various European bodies and governments.” As usual, the US has some catching up to do.

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