U.S. military bases in the United States have been ordered to prepare for terrorist attacks once U.S. military action begins in Iraq. A memorandum has been sent to all military services ordering base security officials to make emergency plans. The memorandum says attacks could be CBRN?chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-explosive. Also, Tony Blair won the support of Parliament, meaning that there will not be an election for a new Prime Minister and U.K. troops will not be withdrawn from Iraq. And U.S. intelligence says Osama bin-Laden has issued a third tape-recorded warning that he will lead a major terrorist attack in the future.

This third bin-Laden tape follows the release of two earlier messages in February. The first two tapes were made public by the Qatar satellite television station Al Jazeerah. However, this tape has not been made public but is expected to be sent to an Arab radio station where it will be played at the start of U.S. military action against Iraq. Since these are audio?not video?tapes, there’s still no proof that they’ve actually been made by bin-Laden or that he’s still alive.

Al-Qaeda reports it has established a women’s suicide division, led by a women called Umm Osama, which means “the mother of Osama.” The unit trains women in suicide attacks because there are not enough male volunteers. “The idea gathered interest after female suicide missions in Palestine and Chechnya,” Umm Osama says. “We are willing to take any Muslim woman, and we have Chechens, Afghans, Arabs from all countries. We are preparing to carry out operations as our predecessors did in Palestine and Chechnya.”

The women are trained to fire U.S. M-16s and Russian AK-47s. The group communicates, and trains, in several languages via the internet. “As a network and organization, we rely on the internet for widest distribution,” says Umm Osama. “Every person trains in her locality because we can’t bring everybody to one location.” The women’s unit plans to eventually establish a training camp in an unspecified location.

She says, “We are preparing for the new strike announced by our leaders and I declare that it will make America forget the September 11 attacks in 2001.”

It’s terrorist threats like these that keep us looking over our shoulders. To learn more,click here and here.

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