Last week on Dreamland a prominent scientist said franklythat theAkashicRecord was real, and that the ancients must have understoodmore about it than we do now. This week, Greg Little joinsco-host William Henry to discuss his journey to the Yucatanin search of a losthall ofrecords that ‘sleeping prophet’ Edgar Cayce predicted couldbe found there.

Little has come back with some unexpected information fromhis trek to Guatemala. As fantastic as it may sound, thereis every reason to believe that something very like a hallof records exists to this day deep in the jungles of centralAmerica, buried with the ruins of Mayan civilization. JoinGreg and Laura Little on a journey into some of the greatestof all secrets, a journey that will make you think andwonder as you hear about their Guatemala findings.

Whitley Strieber goes even deeper with Greg for oursubscribers, andasks him a basic question: “What is IN thehalls of records? What can we expect to find there, and inwhat form?” Greg Little is a very real Indiana Jones, a manwho actually goes to the sites that make him curious andfinds out firsthand what is really there.

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