UPDATE – While officials from major countries such as Canada to Japan are openly admitting the existence of UFOs, an economist who was a Cato Institute scholar for 20 years was kicked out after suggesting that the think tank study UFOs. Read to the end for update from Dom Armentano.

In the TC Palm website, Dom Armentano writes, “?They cut me away in a heartbeat because I dared call for more government disclosure on the UFO phenomenon.” This happened immediately after he wrote an article in a newspaper titled “Intelligent Extraterrestrial life: The Other Inconvenient truth?”

Armentano writes, “Actually the most classic call for disclosure came 48 years ago from former CIA Director Vice Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkotter. As reported in The New York Times of Feb. 28, 1960, Hillenkotter (in a letter to Congress) argued that ‘it is time that the truth (about UFOs) be brought out in open Congressional Hearings.’ He went on to say that ‘through official SECRECY and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense …’ and, further, that the Air Force ‘has silenced its personnel’ in order “to hide the facts.”

UPDATE–Dom Armentano corrected this story as follows: “Thanks for the support but you have some basic facts wrong. The most important is that I never, never suggested that Cato study UFOs…I called for more government disclosure and an end to UFO secrecy.”

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