When researchers at CERN found neutrinos traveling at a speed faster than light, they were excoriated by the scientific community, so in order to prove their results were real, they done an IMPROVED version of their experiment–and the result is the same. If confirmed by other experiments, this could change the basic laws of modern physics, because the idea that nothing can exceed the speed of light is a basic idea in physics, which forms part of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The possibility of faster than light travel could be what finally takes us into space. It could also explain parallel universes–perhaps they are each operating at different light speeds. In BBC News, Jason Palmer researcher Antonio Ereditato as saying, "This is reinforcing the previous finding and ruling out some possible systematic errors which could have in principle been affecting it. We didn’t think they were, and now we have the proof. This is reassuring that it’s not the end of the story."

When it comes to music and heartbreak, what’s the end of the story? Not everyone knows that Whitley and Anne Strieber have written a novel about a boy who hides inside the walls of a high rise building and falls in love with a beautiful young singer who lives there. Anne thought of the idea, Whitley wrote it, and now YOU can pre-order it (just in time for Christmas gift-giving).

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