The White House has responded to recent petitions requesting disclosure of UFO-related information by saying that the US government has no knowledge of any extraterrestrial presence on earth and has never communicated in any way with extraterrestrials. At the same time, a Los Angeles researcher has stated that he has "proved" that the close encounter experience is a form of lucid dream that can be reliably induced in a sleep lab.

In his powerful new online journal, "The White House Says We’re Alone," Whitley Strieber offers a searing rebuttal to these claims, pointing out that previous on-the-record statements by officials such as General Arthur Exon, the Commandant of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base strongly suggest that the White House is either uninformed about such matters or is lying. And if close encounters are really just lucid dreams, then what are implants that have been found to be broadcasting FM signals before being removed from witnesses?

The image above was taken in Washington, DC, in 1952. It clearly shows a flock of geese illuminated by hot air as they pass behind the Capitol. Despite the fact that geese fly regular migratory routes, these have never returned. Air Force officials theorize that the hot air around the Capitol building keeps them away.

The truth is that contactees are the ones who REALLY know what’s going on–NOT the government. If YOU want to learn the truth, subscribe today!

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