We recently reported on accusations that 911 was a conspiracy. Some people think the real reason we invaded Iraq was not 911, but oil. Now Greg Palast writes in The Guardian that the Iraq war IS all about oil, but according to Palast, we didn’t invade Iraq three years ago in order to have more oil, we went to war so we’d have less (and the oil companies would have higher profits).

Palast reports on a conversation he had with ex-CIA oil analyst Robert Ebel about a secret meeting he attended a month before the invasion of Iraq, with Saddam?s former oil minister. The meeting was not about freeing up more oil for the West, it was about making sure that Iraq joined OPEC, so the West would get less oil, at higher prices. The Guardian obtained a copy of a secret memo drafted by the US State Department about this.

The US government wants Iraq to support OPEC, which is notorious for its high oil prices, which cause the price of US gasoline to rise. Saudi Arabia, which filmmaker Michael Moore showed us has close ties to the Bush family, basically runs OPEC and if Iraq was tied to this organization, Iraq’s oil would be parceled out slowly, in order to keep the price high.

Iraq was hurting due to US sanctions, and Saddam was undoubtedly tempted to get more money by pumping more oil, but that would have gone against OPEC’s mandate and driven prices down, affecting all OPEC countries, as well as lowering profits for the oil companies.

Palast was interviewed by Whitley on Dreamland in 2003, about his book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. His new book, Armed Madhouse: Dispatches From the Front Lines of the Class War, will be available in June.

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