WorldNetDaily reports that Saddam couldn’t have been killed by the U.S. strike because he died from cancer in 1999. Dr. Moslem al-Asadi, who lives in exile in Iran, says, “The real Saddam died because he had cancer of the lymph nodes, and since his death in 1999 they’re just showing his doubles.” Al-Asadi says Saddam’s sons, his first wife and Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz keep the truth hidden by using three doubles and that Saddam’s younger son, Qusay, is actually running the country.

In 1979, Saddam?s bodyguard Michael Ramadan, who is now under CIA protection, wrote in his book “In Saddam’s shadow” that Saddam was so ill he was dependent on pain killers. In another development, British intelligence intercepted an urgent call to Moscow Saturday suggesting that Saddam is still alive in a secret hideaway in Baghdad but requires medical attention. They think Saddam suffered abdominal injuries when cruise missiles struck his bunker. His two sons, Uday and Qusay, are alos believed to have been injured, or possibly killed, in the attack. Sources say Saddam was pulled from the rubble and taken away in an ambulance. They believe he underwent a major operation and a blood transfusion in a secret location, and at one point it was thought he died.

The British official says Saddam’s aides “requested urgent medical assistance for a senior government official who was injured?Saddam’s name was not mentioned during the conversation?but there is little doubt it was him they were talking about,” he says. “They said he was not critically injured but demanded urgent treatment because he had lost blood and could get worse. This regime wouldn’t go to that trouble for anybody else?including members of his family.”

The victim was described as having suffered third-degree burns, a crushed abdomen and trauma, which are typical of a bomb attack. “There was some discussion of having the injured man medevaced out of Baghdad to be treated elsewhere,” the source says. “But no mention was made of where that would be. The official who took the call said the request would be passed on to Moscow.”

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