Over the centuries, many different foods have been touted as aphrodisiacs. Some of these are ridiculous, like rhino horns (which simply have the right, er, SHAPE). Others are downright dangerous for the animals being consumed. Forget the oysters and the champagne this Valentine’s Day. If you want to keep your true love’s heart beating strong, the real food of love is dark chocolate and red wine.

Nutritionist Susan Ofria says, "Red wine and dark chocolate BOTH have positive components that are actually good for your heart." Red wine and dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% or higher contain resveratrol, which has been found to lower blood sugar. Red wine is also a source of catechins, which could help improve "good" HDL cholesterol.

Here at unknowncountry.com, we not only care about your love life, we care about your health, which is why we’ve made Anne Strieber’s famous diet book "What I Learned From the Fat Years" available as a download, which, at less than $5, is MUCH CHEAPER and MORE EFFECTIVE than the expensive diet books you’ll find on the shelves of your bookstore.

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