Coming your way soon? – The perfect diet would be one in which you keep eating the same amount, but still lose weight! It sounds impossible, but Australian scientists say they have discovered how to do just that.

By manipulating fat cells in mice, and removing a particular enzyme, they were able to speed up their metabolism, so they would burn more calories while eating the same diet. Hopefully, scientists will soon be able to do the same for US! In BBC News, Nick Bryant reports that the drug they used to do this is one of the same drugs that is ALREADY being used to treat high blood pressure in humans.

A diet with too much salt can raise your blood pressure and kids may be fat because they eat too much salt. Growing up to become overweight adults will affect their employment prospects. While salty foods, like potato chips, are often fattening, the foods themselves aren’t the problem. Researchers who studied 1,600 children found that those who ate a salty diet also DRANK more, since they needed to quench their thirst?and they mostly drank sodas instead of water.

BBC News quotes researcher Graham McGregor as saying, “The salt levels in some of these [snack foods] have been brought virtually up to the level of sea water.” Isn’t the solution to drink diet soda? We earlier reported that diet sodas can doom your diet, but new studies show this isn’t necessarily the case.

In the March 17 edition of the New York Times, Jill U. Adams reports on a study at Purdue University showing that rats fed yogurt sweetened with saccharin ate more food and gained weight. The researchers assumed this was because the artificial sweetener didn?t provide any nutrition, confusing their bodies, so that they craved even more food. Adams quotes researcher Susan Swithers as saying, “There’s no reason to believe that humans don’t do the same thing.”

But Adams writes that other nutrition experts disagree, and think that the rat study does not apply to humans, since we have so many other influences on what we eat, such as “portion size, mindless munching and eating for self-comfort’s sake.” So the verdict is still out on quenching your thirst with diet soda, meaning it’s probably best not to eat all those salty foods in the first place.

Another recent study shows that being extra obese can hinder the opportunity of getting a job or moving up the work ladder. Researcher Cort Rudolph says, “There are a whole set of stereotypes that go along with being overweight, and a lot of them transfer into the workplace in terms of people’s judgment about others’ abilities and appearance in relation to job performance? People who are overweight are viewed more negatively in the workplace than those who are of average weight.”

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