The Pentagon, which once saw eye-to-eye with the White House, seems to be fighting them lately, when it comes to the Bush administration’s embrace of junk science. First they issued a report on the military dangers of global warming, despite the administration’s denials that this is a major problem and its inaction on measures to solve it. Now they’ve granted $240,000 to Swedish scientists for embryonic stem-cell research to help find a cure for Parkinson’s disease, in a study that could not be done here due to government limits on stem-cell research.

Lund University in Sweden says the U.S. Department of Defense is supporting their study because the findings could be used to treat similar neurological illnesses in soldiers, caused by battlefield toxins. “The goal is to develop a line of human embryonic stem cells which can be transplanted to test animals with a disease resembling Parkinson’s,” says researcher Patrik Brundin. The research team asked for funding from the Michael J. Fox Foundation, started by the American actor who suffers from Parkinson’s. Fox forwarded the application to the Pentagon, which agreed to fund the study.

One way to have your religion and your science too is to “farm out” controversial scientific studies to other countries that see no contradiction between their beliefs and their scientific investigations?but is this honest?

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