As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, we begin to think about the place where human life began. We may have discovered the location of the mythical Garden of Eden (which may not have been so mythical after all).

A new genetic survey pinpoints the origin of the human species in Namibia, in one of the most hostile areas in the word just north of Botswana’s Kalahari Desert. The survey was the largest of the type ever performed, and it identified fourteen ancestral populations that were centered along the border of what is now Angola and Namibia. The area is now a desert, but a hundred thousand years ago, it was indeed a Garden of Eden. New data provides genetic data from Africa, to add to the substantial amount of data already gathered in Europe and Asia. A research team, led by Sarah Tishkoff, studied 121 African populations, 4 African Americans populations and 60 non-African populations. They found 14 ancestral population clusters in Africa that were centered in the Namibia-Angola coastal area, and are believed to be the oldest human populations on the planet. Give yourself the gift of fellowship, adventure and extraordinary information. Join us at the Dreamland Festival. To order your tickets, click here, and remember: subscribers get 10% off ticket prices!

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