There’s a genuine cryptozoological mystery deep in the heartof Texas. A rancher in Elmendorf, Texas, shot a strangeanimal that ate 35 of his chickens in a single day.Scientists who have examined the creature’s body have notbeen able to identify it. is having DNAtesting done on the body. For more information and pictures,read the full story.

The Elmendorf beast is a strange, hairless dog-lookingcreature with a blue-gray color and strangely-shaped teeth.Macanally says, “First thing that came to my mind, is surelyeverybody’s gonna think this is a Chupacabra. But it’s soodd because it has no hair.” One woman who saw a photo of itsays it’s exactly how her grandmother described theChupacabras she saw.

When the rancer took the skull to experts at the San AntonioZoo, biologists could not identify it. The zoo’s TerryDeRosa thinks “It may be one of the hairless dogs thatperhaps you see in Mexico.” Mexican hairless dogs aregenerally much smaller. This animal is believed to haveweighed around twenty pounds. Some experts who have observedphotos of the corpse feel that the animal was afflicted bysarcoptic mange, and had not originally been hairless.

This expert says, “I believe that this animal’s conditionrepresents some sort of unrecognized environmentalcatastrophe. Other small predators with sarcoptic mange havebeen observed elsewhere in the country recently. It needsurgent study.”

The condition of the Elmendorf Beast’s jaw is not a resultof disease process. John Gramieri, the San Antonio Zoo’sMammal Curator thinks it’s a mix between a dog and acoyote?a coydog?with very strange teeth. He says, “It’sclearly a member of the dog family, a family candidate. Forwhatever reason, this animal had a very poor fusion in the[jaw area]?so it allowed that lower jaw to spread in a waythat is not normal for any mammal, actually?It apparentlyhad some very bad skin ailment, and that skin ailment madeit go bald except for the top of its body.” Gramieri, aswell as area ranchers, believes that there are more of thecreatures out there. Area ranchers believe that they arebreeding.

The jaw structure is not a deformity in the usual sensebecause it is symmetrical. It is not a mammalian jaw at all,but appears more akin to the jaw of a reptile. There isnothing in the genetic code of the mammal that would enablea jaw structure such as this. This raises the possibilitythat intentional genetic manipulation, or a highly unusualnatural mutation, has been involved in the emergence of thisspecies.

The rancher says, “I want this one to be a new species?or atleast something that somebody has never seen in a crossbetween two different ones.”

DNA results from one of the world’s leading testingfacilities should be available within a month. To learn more,clickhere,hereand here.

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