A huge collection of ancient engraved stones, containing over 15,000 images, was found in a cave in the Peruvian desert in the early 1960’s. They show details of a lost civilization that knew about medical transplants and advanced technology. Animals are depicted, including images of dinosaurs. The stones show different human races, lost continents, and knowledge of an ancient global catastrophe. Early Spanish chronicles described similar stones found in ancient tombs. They’re kept in the Ica Stones Museum in Ica, Peru.

In the 1960’s a farmer found piles of rocks in caves not far from Nazca lines. He made a good living selling them to tourists, until archeologists and the Peruvian government heard about them. Then the farmer suddenly said the stones were fakes that he’d carved himself.

In 1966, Dr. Javier Cabrera, a physician who lived in Ica, received one of the rocks for his birthday. The carving on the rock looked ancient and seemed to depict a primitive fish. Cabrera began buying up the stones and talked to the farmer about them. The farmer insisted he’d carved them, but wouldn’t tell him how he did it, and kept supplying him with new stones. Cabrera decided the farmer didn’t have the time, skills or knowledge to create the stones himself. The farmer had been put in prison for selling government property, but released when he signed a confession that he was cheating tourists by making the stones himself. Otherwise, he would have stayed in prison for life.

Some of the stones are small enough to fit in your hand, while others are about the size of a dog. They’re made of volcanic rock, which is very hard and would be difficult to carve with primitive tools. Fossils have been found nearby that are millions of years old.

Laboratories in Germany say the carved lines are extremely ancient. The stones have a dark coating on them, made up of bacteria, which takes thousands of years to form. The etching removed this surface coating, revealing the bare rock. However, the natural coating is also in the grooves of the etchings, meaning they must have been carved thousands of years ago, for the coating to have time to reform.

Some of the rocks contain scenes of natives wearing robes and high crowns that are similar to those of the Incas. They’re shown performing heart and brain transplants, with blood vessels being reconnected. There are carvings of a cesarean section being done with acupuncture as anesthesia. A group of four stones shows the hemispheres of Earth with the addition of an unknown continent, which some researchers think may be Atlantis. Geologists have studied the maps on several stones that show a strange configuration of land masses, and say that based on computer projections, the shapes on the rocks are accurate for Earth as it was about 13 million years ago.

When you find out the truth, it’s always stranger than fiction.

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